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Start your journey toward a fulfilling dating life and begin your adventure to love and self-discovery with the Date Book.

Space for 40 dates
Great for journaling beginners
Links to additional resources
Low time-commitment
A keepsake for the future
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Stop Swiping. Start Connecting

Embrace the Power of Intentional Dating

Dating is tough. If you’re struggling to find meaningful connections in the dating world or feeling frustrated, lost, or overwhelmed by the dating process, we get it—it’s rough out there!

We believe in the power of reflection and strategy to transform your dating experience.

Prevent the cycle of unsatisfying dates and disappointment by taking control of your dating life with intention and insight. Don’t miss out on the growth, joy, and meaningful connection that come from a mindful, strategic approach to dating. It’s time… to celebrate your single life

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You’ve struggled to find people you’ve actually wanted to date.

You’re tired of swiping through endless profiles. You’re ready to gain clarity on what you want & attract the kind of partner you truly deserve.

You’re tired of superficial connections & lack of spark.

You crave deeper connections but feel discouraged by the dating scene. You want your dating life to be an adventure and not a slog.

You’re frustrated by too many dates that have gone nowhere.

You want a clear strategy for dating success, and want to feel confident and empowered as you navigate the dating world.

You don’t want to wait around and just hope something happens.

You want to take control of your dating life and write your own love story.

Your journey to Growth


Get started on your self growth journey without committing to expensive programs.


A place to let out all your deepest desires and fears. Or, share it with friends and commiserate together on your dating woes.


Use it alongside therapy, coaching, or dating advice books—or on its own.

look Inside

dating journal with page "what I'm looking for", text: 
confidence - take on the dating world, clarity - know what you want,
connection - make dating meaningful
get clarity
Image of Date Log dating journal on page "rejection happens". Process - difficult emotions, celebrate - the good moments, motivate - stay motivated & keep going
Let it out

Celebrate your successes and wins. Let out the tough feelings that can come up while dating. Become your own dating coach and cheerleader.

Love Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune

transform Your Dating Life

Use our dating journal to reflect on your experiences, learn from them,
and approach your dating life with renewed strategy and insight.

Works for busy schedules
Great for those new to journaling
Focused on results, not just reflection



We created the Date Book with all genders and sexual orientations in mind—we don’t assume anything about who you are or who you’re dating.


Printed on FSC® certified paper with eco-friendly soy-based inks, we design our journals with sustainability in mind. Our covers are made from 100% recycled Eska® board and our printing partner plants 10,000 trees each each with Trees for the Future.

High Quality.

Our journals lay flat so that they’re easy for you to write in. A thick, 65lb paper prevents annoying bleed-through. We’ve obsessively thought through the details to make our products the best they can be.

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Post-Date Journaling Session

Dating Journal FAQ

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll answer as soon as we can!

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We’re sure you’ll love our journals—that’s why we offer a confidence guarantee. If your journal isn’t right for you, you can return it for a full refund. You can’t lose.

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