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Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: How to Get Personalized Dating Advice (Even Without a Coach) • What To Do When Dating Advice Isn’t Working for you

Generic dating advice can often fall short. Learn to give yourself the advice you truly need by looking inward.

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Feeling Frustrated with Dating? Ditch the One-Size-Fits-All Dating Advice & Unleash Your Dating Power

Feeling like a broken record on repeat when it comes to dating? You swipe, you match, you chat, you go on a date… and then… nothing. The frustration is real, and the whispers of “why dating is so hard” or “am I just unlucky in love?” can start to echo in your mind.

Here’s the truth: generic dating advice isn’t a magic bullet. What works for your best friend might leave you feeling even more frustrated. If you’re tired of bad dates and the same old cycle, it’s time to ditch the “one size fits all” approach and unleash the power of personalized dating guidance.

Why Dating Advice Often Falls Short

There are a few reasons why generic dating tips might not be clicking for you:

  • Ignoring Your Situation: Not everyone is looking for the same type of partner, and we don’t all want the same things. Your personality, values, and dating goals are specific, and dating advice often assumes you want the same thing as the author. It assumes you have the same personality, same desires, and same reactions to situations.
  • Abundance of Opinions Leads To Conflicting Advice: The internet overflows with dating advice, but this abundance can be a double-edged sword. While a variety of perspectives can be helpful, it can also lead to a confusing cacophony of conflicting voices. One article might preach the power of playing hard to get, while another champions vulnerability and open communication. This constant barrage of opposing views makes it difficult to know which advice to follow, leaving you feeling paralyzed by indecision and unsure of the “right” way to approach dating.
  • Focus on the External: Generic advice often focuses on outward appearances or superficial tactics. True connection comes from within.
  • No Room for Growth: Dating is a journey, not a destination. Effective advice should help you learn and evolve over time. It isn’t just one or two tips that will solve your problems.
  • No Application to Your Life: Scrolling through endless articles promising the secrets to dating success can feel like you’re attending a crash course in love. But the truth is, there’s a disconnect between reading generic advice and actually applying it to your unique experiences. These tips often lack the nuance to address your specific dating goals, personality quirks, and past relationship baggage. The result? Feeling overwhelmed with information and frustrated that the “magic formula” isn’t working for you.
  • The Advice is Just Terrible: With so much advice out there, there’s a good chance you’re sifting through some terrible ideas. When you listen to toxic people, you get toxic results.

Enter the Power of Journaling for Dating

Let’s face it, sometimes the best advice comes from within. Journaling is a powerful tool for self-discovery and creating your own personalized dating roadmap. When you spend the time to reflect on your own behaviors, desires, and feelings, what you learn will be more helpful than what any internet guru could tell you.

Here’s how a dating journal can be your secret weapon:

  • Uncover Your Dating Kryptonite: Journaling prompts can help you identify patterns in your dating life, like feeling stuck in the same dating pattern or recurring red flags you might be overlooking.
  • Craft Your Ideal Relationship Vision: By reflecting on your values and desires, you can create a clear picture of what a fulfilling relationship looks like for you.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Journaling can help you celebrate your strengths and identify areas for self-improvement. This newfound confidence shines through on dates!
  • Approach your dating life with renewed strategy and insight. Consider what’s been happening on your dates, and notice patterns or things you’d like to change. Spend the time to figure out what’s going wrong and how to change it. The time you spend journaling will help you internalize & remember the changes you want to make.

If you’re not convinced yet, we have a whole article on how journaling can improve your dating life, with more ways you can use journaling to get to your dating goals.

A Guided Journal: Your Personalized Dating Coach

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Imagine a dating coach who understands your unique story, goals, and challenges. Our guided dating journal acts as just that! With targeted prompts, exercises, and reflection spaces, you’ll gain the self-awareness and tools to navigate the dating world with confidence and clarity. And if you’re not ready to try our guided journal, you can keep a dating journal of your own. We’ve got prompts and ideas to help you get started with dating journaling today.

If generic dating advice isn’t working for you, we hope you’ll consider starting a dating journal. We really think that it could help you figure out what next steps you need to take to bring your dating life to where you want it to be. Let us know how it goes, and as always, best of luck out there and happy dating!

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