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Single on Valentine’s Day? Celebrate Anyway. Here’s How

Just because this holiday is supposed to celebrate couples doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too.

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Being single on Valentine’s day can suck—do we really need a day to rub in how happy the couples around us are?—but it doesn’t have to. February 14th often gets painted as a day for couples, filled with romantic dinners, overpriced roses, and cheesy Hallmark movies. But what if you’re flying solo this Valentine’s Day? This day is just as much about celebrating love in general, and there are tons of amazing ways to do it. Ditch the societal pressure, celebrate your single life and embrace the freedom of being single with these fun and fulfilling ideas:

Find a single friend—any single friend.

two women sitting on white bench who are both single on valentine's day

Have the valentine’s day date you wanted—with your best friend. Tell the waiters that you’re a couple. Go for a couple’s massage. Celebrate friendship—it should really have its own holiday just as big as Valentine’s Day.

Get on the apps.

a woman showing her smartphone

Single? Dating Apps? What a novel idea. But dating apps on Valentine’s day are their own brand of crazy—you’re all in it together! Find a willing soul, someone who seems playful and up for anything, and pretend that you’ve been dating for years. Have that Valentine’s day date that you wish you were having with a partner—spa night, movie, nice dinner— and dispense with the normalities of a first date. No, it’s not the same as having a long-term love. But done right, it can be a fun and playful date night with someone who’s just as single as you are.

Host a party.

group of friends drinking alcoholic beverages in park on valentines day

We know someone who threw a big party on Valentine’s Day, and invited a bunch of people she had been talking to on dating apps, as well as many of her single friends. Amazing! Have a party in the park, or host one at a bar (they’ll love the business.) If you’re a party planner, co-opt Valentine’s Day to have your own party. You can invite your coupled friends too—but only if they bring a single person along 🙂

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Ignore Social Media & Do a Self Care Day.

It’s time for a social media break—Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do it. Why torture yourself? People will be posting about their partners and constantly be reminding you of your singleness. Skip the scrolling today—take a yoga class, meditate, journal—be present with yourself. It’s a great time to reassess your life and make sure you’re dedicating time to your priorities—whether that’s dating or something else.

Bonus: Turn off the rom-coms and cheesy love songs. Instead, create your own soundtrack for the day with empowering tunes that celebrate self-love and independence. Or, if you’re feeling cheeky, some good riot grrl music.

Spend time with your family.

photo of a man raising baby under blue sky

If you have young nieces and nephews in the area, offer to babysit so that their parents can spend Valentine’s Day together. They’ll appreciate it—babysitters are expensive and always booked on Valentine’s Day. And, you’ll have someone you love to spend Valentine’s Day with 🙂 You can plan a fun little date for you and the little ones. Or, if you’ve got a single parent in your life, spend Valentine’s Day with them or give them a call. Make Valentine’s Day about celebrating love in all its forms, not just romantic.

So go forth, single people, and flutter your wings with joy! Valentine’s Day is just one day, and your happiness shouldn’t depend on relationship status. Embrace your singlehood, do something you love, and shower yourself with the appreciation you deserve. This is your day to shine, celebrate YOU, and remember that love comes in many forms, including the powerful love you have for yourself.

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