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5 Common First Date Ideas We Actually Hate

These first date ideas are so common, you might not even think twice before suggesting them.

These first date ideas are so common you might not even think twice before suggesting them. But these dates can set you up for a bad experience when meeting a person for the first time, especially if you have only communicated via online dating app. Save these ideas for a third or fourth date. But a first date? Here are some common date ideas to steer clear of on your first date.

1. Going to a movie.

Image of two people on a first date at the movies

What?? But this is a classic! Well, you can’t talk during a movie, so it’s not a great way to get to know someone. Plus, you’re both sitting in the dark, so it’s hard to make eye contact and build rapport. If you do opt for a movie, try to do dinner or drinks before or after so you can at least get their opinion on the movie and get to know them.

Bad first date idea #2: Going on a hike.

image of two people on a hike as a first date idea

So you’re both outdoorsy–why not a hike? For safety reasons, it’s better to suggest activities that are in a public place for your first date. You don’t want to be five miles into an ten mile hike when you realize your date is a nutter. Plus, different people have different ideas about what a good hike is–is it a strenuous, intense activity or a leisurely walk? We love the hiking idea for later dates, but make sure to communicate your expectations before deciding to go on a hike.

Not-so-great first date idea #3: Cooking dinner together.

image of a man cooking at home as a first date idea

Whether you’re inviting someone over to your place or going to theirs, it’s better to save this one for a later date. We often see people shoot themselves in the foot with this first date idea. Their apartment isn’t clean. They cook something their date hates. The food comes out too salty and you have to promise, promise, promise that it’s not usually like this. There’s uncomfortable pressure for the date to lead to the bedroom because… it’s right there. And of course, it can be unsafe to spend a first date in a non-public place. Save this date idea for a later time.

Meh first date idea #4: Going to a crowded bar or club.

a crowded club venue as a first date idea

This can be a noisy and overwhelming environment, which makes it difficult to have a conversation. Plus, there’s always the risk of running into someone you know, which can be awkward if the date doesn’t go well.

5. Going to a place that is too expensive.

image of expensive looking food

You don’t want to put your date on the spot by taking them to a place that is too expensive. If you’re not sure what your date’s budget is, it’s better to err on the side of caution and choose a more casual place. Even if you’re comfortable footing the bill for the both of you, your date might not want to expect that and it’s an awkward thing to have to communicate before you’ve even met.

It’s important to choose a first date activity that is fun, relaxed, and conducive to conversation. It’s also important to consider safety aspects of meeting someone for the first time. If you’re not sure what to do, ask your date for their suggestions, or look at our massive list of first date ideas. If you’re anxious about your first date, check out our tips for planning a first date. And as always, happy dating!

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