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Our Inclusivity Promise

What we promise about inclusivity.

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We wrote the Date Book to work for all people, whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, dating men, dating women, dating aliens, male, female, other, christian, jewish, muslim, atheist, hindu, buddhist, having no sex before marriage, having lots of sex before marriage, a supermodel, a basement-dweller, a 10, a 2, someone who kills it on the dating scene and someone who’s a little timid. How can one book work for so many different people? We believe that despite our differences, we all want the same things from dating: a partner who is kind to us, who we respect and respects us, who shares our values, hopes, and dreams.

If you come across something in our books or on our site that doesn’t feel inclusive, let us know at [email protected] . There’s something in it for you 😉

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