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To help you achieve the big things in life.

We created Strategy Journaling Co as a response to a chaotic world of information overload. These days, there is no lack of information out there—we’re bombarded with hundreds of five-second clips at the single swipe of a finger. Instead of sifting through thousands of self-help books, TikTok gurus, and coaches selling courses, it’s time to start looking inward. In this new attention economy, we believe that keeping a journaling practice and learning to look inward for answers is more crucial than ever. When you spend the time to journal and reflect on your feelings, desires, and behaviors, what you learn will be more valuable than what any expert can tell you.

Our Values


Our journals aren’t just for reflection, they’re for progress. We believe in the transformative power of self-exploration, and we provide tools to help you reach your full potential.


We believe courage fuels self-discovery. Our guided journals empower you to take that courageous first step on your personal journey.


Our journals are designed with empathy, offering support and validation for whatever feelings arise. We strive to create a space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment.


We’re not in the business of selling 30-day programs that don’t work. Instead, we recognize that the best things in life take time to build, and we guide and motivate you throughout the process.


We design our products with inclusivity in mind. We try to make our products work for everyone by not making assumptions about who you are and what you want, letting you decide that for yourself.


Our goal is to help you take charge of the most important parts of your life. Our approach combines heart and mind, logic with emotion, and strategy with intuition—journaling as critical thinking. Use our journals to reflect on your experiences, learn from them, and approach your goals with renewed strategy and insight.

image of the founder of strategy journaling co
image of the founder of strategy journaling co

Meet our Founder


I’m Sarah, the founder of Strategy Journaling Co. I believe that life is an adventure and we all have the power to make life what we want it to be—we just have to go about it smartly. I created Strategy Journaling Co because these are the tools I wish I had when I was younger.

Our first product, the Date Book, is a love letter to my time spent online dating. I’m one of those weird people that absolutely LOVED online dating. I made so many friends, met a diverse slice of humanity and generally had a wonderful time, even though there was heartbreak and rejection and sometimes awful people and really bad dates. The dating journal I kept helped me get through some of the toughest parts of dating—like bouncing back from rejection and staying motivated in the face of ten mediocre dates in a row. Most importantly, it helped me notice when someone was almost right (but actually not right) for me—the kind of thing I would have ignored in my earlier days of dating.

So many people I know seem to hate dating in this day and age, and it’s true that online dating culture has become warped. You’re likely to come out of it with some crazy dating stories about a girl who stole your wallet and a guy who picked a fight with your waiter, but I hope that you’ll look back on it and think it was an adventure, and a fun time in your life that happened before you found love.

All the best,

Writing is medicine. It is an appropriate antidote to injury. It is an appropriate companion for any difficult change.

Julia Cameron